Downstream Oil Product

Downstream product distribution starting from 1998 related to open regulations in private sector for Down Stream  in Indonesia and KPM as an official Shell Partner  for the Sector of  Power.

Our customer is the State Electricity Company (PT. PLN Persero) in Java, Indonesia and achieved the highest selling ranks for commitment, services and guaranteed supply.

In 2004, expanding downstream product related to additional regulation in Indonesia, KPM expended product to selling the HSD (gas oil Fuel) and other downstream product.

KPM is currently covering sales from 6 branches in several strategic areas of Indonesia. With the efforts of  performance, the company was awarded as best distributor for west java region in 2002 and 2003 from Shell.

For Lubricant product, KPM has trusted to supply Lubricants for Diesel Engine Power Plant of PT. PLN (electricity state own company) along with their affiliates since 1998, National Train Company, and other reputable industri including textile.

The HSD (Fuel) product for mining has been trusted to several major coal mining industry with average sales more then 20 million litter  per month.

In 2008, KPM and Shell Indonesia formed a Joint Operation and awarded the Solar HSD contract with State Own Electricity Company with the total amount of 850.000 kliter/year for a 3 years contract as equal 650 million US$ contract, untill now we maintaining sales volume more than 60.000 kl/month.

Decades Experiences of entrepreneur, partnership with Shell following with multinational trade and reputable oil company, solid management supply infrastructure for Lubricant and down stream product, we are ready to enter to be player and partner for future product energy for better civilization.